The most common types of pests

Every household has some type of pests. Some cause damage, some are almost unnoticeable. The truth is, pests wouldn’t be called that if they were actually useful. In order to recognize any problems with pests, we will point out the most common types of pests that can be easily found in any household. Pests come in different species, shapes and sizes and they have been around on this planet long before us. The only thing we can do about it is take certain steps to ensure they don’t continue to cause damage.

The first type that can be found in every house is ants. They can be so small that they are almost invisible to the naked eye. There are so many species of ants that it’s hard to count them all but two are the most common ones for households: termites and black house ants. Termites can be a real trouble because they eat away at your wooden structures. Black ants are mostly harmless and you can easily get rid of them if they don’t build a nest in your home, then you have to call pest control.

Next in line are bed bugs. Bed bugs are so common that lately, this pest problem came to the attention of the experts. It seems that there is an infestation problem because these bugs tend to appear literally everywhere you turn. They leave marks and signs on mattresses, bed linen, rugs, draperies and furniture just so you know that they are here, watching you. Remember, where there is one bug, there are more.

Known your enemy

PestsNow, this next type we can all agree that they are the most annoying among all pests for sure. We’re talking about mosquitoes of course. Many people would agree that these tiny bloodsuckers should be simply eradicated from our world but the truth is, as annoying as they are, they do have their own place under our sun. They spread and carry diseases like the West Nile virus, malaria or the Zika virus.

While they don’t post a direct threat to your home, they do bite and can make a mess. Finally, the last two types are the worst ones that can do much more than just damage your home. Rodents and cockroaches are the worst things that can happen to your home. Especially rodents as they carry diseases and can destroy entire structures.