How to restore your home after pest infestation

Every household has problems with some sorts of pests. They can enter your home relatively easy and if they are not taken care of, they can cause a huge damage. Any crack can be a potential entry point. A small hole is just what a mouse needs to crawl in and invade your living space. If a hole is the size of a coin, that is just enough for a rat.

Now, their presence is not that terrible but the bacteria found in their droppings might be the thing that you want to avoid in your home for sure. Rodents are known to be the carriers of various diseases and there is no place for them in your living space. In case that your home went through a pest infestation, here is what you can do to properly clean it up and save some money because such services usually don’t come cheap.

Before you can start your home restoration after a pest infestation, you first need to eliminate the pests in question. After you are done with that, you can proceed with the cleaning of your home. Since the most common types of pests found in most households are rodents, restoring your home after rodent infestation requires a bit more than just scrubbing the floor and sweeping afterwards.

Since they are known to carry all sorts of diseases, it would be best to avoid vacuuming and sweeping because you really don’t want to stir up all that contaminated dust with infectious viruses. It is recommended that you wear gloves, vinyl, latex or rubber will do just fine, especially if you are handling rodent urine and droppings. You will need products such as a bleach or any type of disinfectant.

Use specific products

PestsThe best type would be the one made especially for rodents. Mix it with water and then spray it onto the droppings and wait a couple of minutes. Take paper towels and use them to pick up the droppings. Once you have removed the droppings proceed with the disinfection of the entire space. Treat each room with the same treatment because it is important not to leave any of the droppings or urine anyway near the space where you sleep or eat.

It will take some time for the smell of bleach or any other disinfectant to disappear so it would be warmly recommended to spend a night somewhere and let your home to aerate. The most important thing when you need to fight any sort of pest infestation is to react on time and not let the things get out of control.

In case that things do get out of your control, the best thing to do is to hire a professional service and let them do the job for you because people who don’t know how to handle such situations could cause more damage than they can help, especially if they are afraid of rodents, which is a common case.