These Are The Best Pest Control Tips That You Must Know

We all love summer and the sunny days as everything starts living again after the long winter. Still, the summer brings the pests that we do not like and that we do not want to deal with if we do not have to. Spiders, mosquitos, ants and other ones can affect our house and decrease the level of quality and comfort. We talked to pest controllers in Pretoria who revealed some of the tips that we must know and must be aware of.

Block the entrance for the pests

One of the crucial things is to block any possible way for pests to enter the house and infest it. We all have holes, screens or cracks that might be a potential highway to them and our job is to identify such places to prevent these from entering.

Close up Cockroach on white a bowl
Cockroach Pest

The windows gaps are one of the most common entrances that pests use to penetrate the house. Make sure to seal any cracks or gaps where they might squeeze and enter. Though not easy, this process requires a thorough inspection of every single corner or gap. Use a foam or concrete to close the gaps.

Do not leave any food in the kitchen

One of the worst mistakes, especially during the summer, is to leave any food leftovers in your kitchen. Pests can smell these leftovers and once they realize there is a source of food close to them, all of them will start heading to the place. If you finish your dinner and some of the food is left, put it away in the fridge or throw it away.

This way, you eliminate every possibility of leaving the potential place for them. Also, if there are any crumbs left on the counter, make sure to wipe it off and remove these.

Remove any standing water

Another thing that contributed to the overall problem is the standing water. Pests just love the standing water and once they realize t, they will colonize it, especially mosquitoes during the summer.

Pest Control On House

The standing water can be any form, from a huge pond near your house or a leakage in the basement. Also, the rain spouts, water from HVAC or leakage from the drainage should be inspected and fixed. Any type of water that stands and accumulated over time is a great place. All these have to be removed.

Keep your garden neat

Another thing that most of the people forget is a garden. When you have a bushy, overgrown and dirty garden, it will likely become colonized by the pests. They love overgrown yards that are not maintained regularly, so make sure you cut grass, throw away any items that you do not need. If you have firewood, try not to keep it close to the house. Try to make it at least 5 feet away from the walls. If possible, rack it up above the ground so these cannot get on the wood easily.