DIY Pest Control: How Can You Prevent The Pests From Entering The Home?

Pests are one of the problems that can ruin the serious brands and homes if you do not take serious precautions against these. One of the best companies in this niche, Houston Pest Control, explained to us some of the things that we can do on our own, without asking the professional help. For this reason, we have prepared for you a short article on this topic.

Find any gaps in the foundation

One of the easiest ways for pests to get inside of the house is through the foundation. Your first goal is to look for any gaps in the foundation. You might use a mirror as well to look under the joints or bumps to see if there is any way for the pests to enter.

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It is important to look carefully as a single crack found can help you to reduce the number of pests significantly. Once you find the location, you should use tape or anything else, to mark the location so you do not lose it. Tag all the locations so you know where to close the gaps on your house foundation.

Close the gaps with copper mesh

Once you identify all of them, the very next step is to close all of them. You can use many different ways, whatever you have as a material for closing. Some people use copper mesh. Simply use it to close the gaps under the pane or inside the hole. This way, the pests cannot go inside through the gaps.

Use the screwdriver to plug the mesh inside and close the hole. Alternatively, you can use a cloth or foam as a replacement material, it does not matter. But the goal is to find all of these to make sure all of them are closed.

Seal the gaps on windows and doors

Another pests’ highway is through the doors and windows, as they can penetrate through the small cracks very easily. In order to prevent them from entering, you should use self-adhesive weatherstripping tape.

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It is cheap and effective way to close the gaps between the panes. It is easy to install as well, meaning you will not lose too much time on this. If there is any gaps on the window’s construction, you can use silicone to close the gap in the wood.

The moisture on foundation and walls

Whenever you see moisture, expect to see the moisture as well. The insects and pests simply love moisture and damp area, so they will start heading to the area once they see it. One of the most common cases is when the soil is moisturized around your foundation. In that case, the insects will be attracted to it and therefore will start crawling to your foundation and look for the gaps and cracks to go inside. Also, make sure that the nearby bushes and weed is neat and cut down regularly. This will prevent the pests from gathering.