The most effective ways to keep rodent pests from your home

Some people find them to be cute and adorable, some can’t stand them but the truth is, the rodents, especially mice and rats are the arch enemy of your household and they will wreak havoc on everything you have. Fortunately for you, there is no need for alarm or calling the pest control service because there are things that you can do to prevent pest infestation in your home.

Of course, if things get out of your hands, we strongly advise you to give us a call and let the professional experts, trained and specialized in pest control to take care of your problem. Before things get so far and serious, here are a few tips that you can apply in order to make sure that these nasty rodents don’t invade your home. It is important to keep them away because rodents cause health issues and material damage.

They can create or inflame allergies, spread disease, spoil and contaminate food and other similar resources and destroy your home making it unfit to live in. By keeping them away from your home, you are taking care not only of your entire household but of your health and overall well-being. Now, before you approach this problem seriously, the first thing you need to do is pinpoint any potential and possible entry points that rodents might use to invade your home.

Once you locate all points, make sure that you seal them. Rats and mice love dirt and moisture so you will manage to keep them away from your home if you regularly clean it and maintain proper sanitary and hygiene conditions.

Start with the basement

Rodent pestsNow, start with your basement because that is the most common place where they tend to build their nests. Inspect the foundation of your home in order to discover any gaps or holes. Block all holes you find, no matter how small they tend to appear to you. Use black foam or a wire mesh. Once you rodent proof those gaps, do another check for entry points, especially windows and doors. Make sure that you can properly close all windows and doors without leaving any gaps or cracks.

Inspect your roof and make sure that you examine it really well especially the area around chimneys, shingles and ventilators. If you find any gaps, fill them in immediately. Any wire or pipe lines that enter your home can be considered a possible way in for rodent pests. There are special metal guards for rodents that will protect any pipe or wire lines from rodents.

Keep all the aforementioned areas clean at all times because rodents don’t like neat and clean places and they will avoid inhabiting such places. It is important that you avoid clutter. Never pile up things because rodents love to make a home in clutter. Finally, keep your garbage sealed in special bags because rodents feed on the food remains. This should help you to get rid of pests.