How to know when to call pest control

A lot depends on your ability to see the warning signs in your home that clearly tell that you need pest control services. By knowing to tell when it is time to call the professional service, you prevent any further damaging of your home but health as well. It is always best to leave such things in professional and most capable hands but if you take some of the precautions and take care of your home, you might be able to avoid costly interventions.

If you regularly clean your house and maintain proper sanitary conditions, you reduce a chance of getting your home pest infested. Still, if the problem occurs or you suspect of pest infestation, here is how you can make sure that you really have a problem.

The clear signs

Call pest controlIf you have noticed lately that your wiring has been chewed upon and you have small holes in your walls or you noticed some small damage in your walls, clothing, rugs and furniture, those are all evident signs of pest problems. Rodents are known to gnaw at your wires which can cause serious fires. Other pests like termites can cost you your entire house.

Now, if you noticed the smell of urine or if you keep seeing strange droppings every time you enter your pantry or kitchen, you probably have rats or mice. Both urine and droppings might endanger your health and rodents are known as disease carriers so the intervention is paramount. Sometimes, pest problems can be caused by rodents much bigger than rats or mice.

Squirrels tend to drift away into people’s homes and when they get closed in they get frightened and might cause significant damage not only to your home but to you or anyone else that might come in contact with it. Just like rats, squirrels also carry various diseases even though they are a lot cuter than rats. The best thing to do if you see a squirrel or even a racoon in your home is to call pest control service and let them handle it.